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If the orienteering is bread and butter for you and you’re hungry for something new and extreme with elements of survival and military. If you are looking for an opportunity to test yourself and your equipment in harsh, winter conditions the Professional category is an excellent choice.

Gear up, take your airsoft replica and fill the backpack. You will need them to fulfill the challenge of majestic Polish mountains. No slacking here, it’s you against the nature and…tasks at checkpoints!

Face your weaknesses and tame the mountains. Win valuable prizes and push your limits. This is the GFPOINT race.




Several checkpoints including physical challenges and tasks designed to check your knowledge and intelligence.

Approximately  35 km (the shortest possible distance) of trails in the winter scenario of Polish mountains.

All of that was waiting for the participants of previous GFPOINT editions. Accept the challenge and discover what we have prepared for the 10th edition of the GFPOINT race.



From February 8th, 6:00 PM (CET) – To February 9th,  8.00 PM (CET)

The base, start and finish lines are located in:

Gymnasium in Mieroszów
Hoża 4, 58-350 Mieroszów


The requirement for admission is being at least 18 years old by the 1 February, 2018 and full legal capacity or being at least 16 years old, not later than February 1, 2019. Furthermore the participants who is under 18 and over 16 should not be legally incapacitated and have to provide a written consent from his/her legal guardian subject to paragraph 4.12) and paragraph 4.13) from the Terms & Conditions of GFPOINT 2019 race – Professional category.

To participate in the GFPOINT 2019 race in PROFESSIONAL category the individuals have to carry with them :

⦁ turned off (!), fully functional and a charged mobile phone, which is necessary in case of emergency,
⦁ ruler,
pencil and compass with step scale or protractor,
⦁ a
functional flashlight.
⦁ a
valid identity card or passport.
⦁ protective
glasses intended for Airsoft
⦁ a
backpack with a weight of at least 10 kg (the backpack weight cannot contain water or food). The weight of the backpack will be checked at the beginning of the race, on the route and at the finish line
⦁ tactical
vest/slings at least 2 kg,
⦁ replica
(fully operational, the weight of at least 2.5kg), including ammunition

Participants in the GF-PROFESSIONAL category, in addition to the equipment listed above, must be dressed in a military uniform, including a jacket/sweatshirt, trousers, headgear suitable for uniform and weather conditions, high trekking shoes or military boots.

Participant in the GF-PROFESSIONAL category is obliged to have approved eye protection for the entire duration of the run. Breaking this rule may result in disqualification of the participant. In the case of breaking the above The Organizer is not responsible for the consequences of the Participant's actions related to this.

The starter package includes:

  • individual participation
  • accommodation in the race base
  • hot meal after the race
  • participant card
  • a map with information on checkpoints
  • exclusive GFPOINT 2019 patch
  • gadgets from sponsors
  • chance to win prizes from the pool prize of almost €10,000
  • chance to win a prize in a lottery