Pre-start announcement for the BASIC category

  • Registration of teams in the BASIC category starts on Friday, February 8, 2019, at 6:00 pm CET in the base of the race in Gymnasium, 4 Hoża street, Mieroszów. Participants from this category waiting in the line to the registration point are required to give priority to participants from the TEAM category. The registration ends at 10:00 pm CET. The second round of registration starts on Saturday, February 9 at 7:00 am CET and will last until 8:45 am CET. In the second round of the registration, participants from the BASIC category are required to give priority to participants from PROFESSIONAL and ADVENTURE categories who start earlier.
  • The organizer can provide accommodation in the race’s base for participants that register on a Friday evening. You should have your own sleeping bag and mat.
  • The BASIC category starts at 9:00 am CET on Saturday, 9 February. All participants from this category should appear at the place marked as START at 8:45 am CET. The start will be preceded by a briefing and messages provided by the race supervisors. The start takes place on command, after the countdown. All competitors start simultaneously.
  • BASIC category – route:
  • Special tasks – field tasks requiring knowledge of orienteering, navigation, military, airsoft equipment, first aid; fitness tasks and tasks requiring the use of airsoft replica provided by the organizers.
  • The main part of the route – approximately 25 km from the starting point, including checkpoints along the way. The order of confirming checkpoints will be described on the map which the participants will receive. ATTENTION! Start at 9:00 am CET. The closing of the finishing line 5:30 pm CET. The exact start time may vary due to prevailing weather conditions.
  • All information about the route, special tasks, time limits, contacts, etc. will be included in the description on the map and in the materials provided at the briefing and at checkpoints.
  • Participants will receive the race map shortly before the start.
  • On the map, marks and numbers of checkpoints for the BASIC category are marked with blue color.
  • At every checkpoint with a task, participants will find detailed descriptions and rules of the tasks. All participants have to fully acquaint themselves with the task’s rules and details before performing it.
  • At the checkpoints, participants can receive time bonuses or penalties. They will be added to/subtracted from the final time of the race.
  • Participants approach a task in order in which they reached the particular checkpoint. This rule applies to all checkpoints.
  • The organizer provides a hot drink on the route and a meal at the finishing line of the race. Due to the possible low temperatures, we recommend taking the appropriate winter equipment. It is forbidden to use ski gear and snowshoes during the race. Trekking poles and anti-slip elements on footwear are acceptable.

Main Referee of GFPOINT 2019